"I'm an innovative life coach for teens. I take pride in my ability to communicate with young people and I am passionate about witnessing youth achieve higher levels of success"  -Catedra Phillips, Executive Director & Founder of AREACH

My Story

As a teenager growing up I had a lot of freedom to make my own choices. Becoming a mother at 16, discipline options were obsolete.  My pride and habits of what I became accustomed to lead me down a path of constant challenges. This journey taught me how freedom can either build you or break you. The choice I made to live as a closed-minded young adult quickly forced me to face real-world challenges. Things began to change my perceptions of life and develop a sense of appreciation for others who wanted to help me.  In 2004 I started working with Atlanta Public School systems. My time here allowed me to interact with many youths on a daily base. After serving 10 years of employment with APS, my appreciation of discipline and structure grew tremendously.  However, I also witnessed that there are a lot of kids that struggle with the very same issues I once did. I found myself spending a lot of time with students and before I knew it I was a youth magnet! Whether it was my daughter friends over during the weekends or students while at work. Having a relatable understanding made it easy to communicate with a diverse group of youth even the resistant ones. After many heartwarming experiences from youth excitedly approaching me with news of improvements and accomplishments, I wanted to do more. I became eager to make greater impacts. When I witnessed positive human development it inspired me to become the founder of AREACH.


Positive peer pressure and hands on learning motivates young people to stretch themselves further. I strive to take the front seat to witness our future leaders develop into better versions of themselves!


Let's work together to meet the needs of all adolescents in Atlanta. Our growing partnerships with people like you eliminates barriers. We are all invested in the importance of more successful young people. The youth are our future!